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Scenes from other sites featuring Colton Grey,Hector De Silva

Andy Star in 'MENTOR'

Andy Star - MENTOR

We all need a little help from time to time. A friend or coworker can offer great advice and boost your confidence. This is what mentors are for. And if your mentor happens to be either Hector de Silva or Andy Star, get ready to learn some new tricks for the bedroom.Hector has an important speech to give but just can?t seem to find the right words. But after Andy gives him a pep talk, Hector?s confidence isn?t the only thing that rises. Super-cute in glasses and sporting an eye-catching orange tie, Andy is hard to resist. So is Hector, who gives Andy lessons in suit-sex by hiking his taut ass in the air, spitting in his hole, and using it over and over. Mentor proves that no matter how experienced you are in the bedroom, there?s always something more to learn. Watch it and prepare to press rewind when you see Hector and Andy?s explosive cumshots!

Hector De Silva in 'SUB GAMES: Hector de Silva, Xavi Duran'

Hector De Silva - SUB GAMES: Hector de Silva, Xavi Duran

Menatplay doing what it does best - Kinky suit fetish games. Sub Games sees Hector de Silva meeting Xavi Duran, a salesman from a rival brewery touting for business at what seems like a regular nightclub. But when the two of them go down to the basement in search of the proprietor they discover something much more captivating, literally. Rooms full of sex toys and whips, restraints, and cages. Hector demonstrates (in every sense of the word) to Xavi, the Cross. After restraining Xavi?s hands in the straps, Hector decides this is an opportunity too good to miss. Hector leaves Xavi strapped up to the wall while he starts to manhandle his cock, while taking swigs from a beer bottle and spitting it down Xavi?s tie, drenching his shirt, and getting his cock all shiny wet ready to deep throat. But like all good kinky games, this one comes with an extra twist as it?s Hector that becomes sub to Xavi?s thick hard tool and gets pummelled, face-up, legs in the air. With suits, bondage, spitting and some sock worship thrown in this one is a total cum inducing kink fest!

Hector De Silva in 'FOCUS'

Hector De Silva - FOCUS

Since Hector first appeared on Menatplay in August of 2015 he has consistently been in the top 3 favorite models on the website. He?s the perfect package. A handsome masculine Spaniard with that sexy beard and his piercing blue eyes, and a lean muscular body making him just the type of man that was born to wear a suit. As he has understandably built up so many loyal followers we decided to focus our attention on some time on his own, so that you can really get to know him one on one. In this solo scene, we get to be the voyeur on Hector the businessman, showering in the morning, dressing, and then getting so turned on by the sexual energy the suit gives him that he jerks off for us, stroking his cock and showing the suit pants stretched over that firm ass. He desperately wants to get a finger in his hole so he rips his trousers open over his butt to give him nice easy access, staying fully suited but revealing his ass cheeks, fingering and wanking till he cums.



It?s often said that language is power. But when Hector de Silva meets Menatplay newcomer Nicholas Brooks, we have a hunch you?ll figure out who?s in control of this sexy film. With his innocent wide-set eyes, solid physique, and beautiful plump ass, Nicholas is the language tutor everyone wants to have. Lucky for him, Hector, his new student, is eager to learn. A lesson about English grammar and vocabulary quickly becomes the fuck of a lifetime for these horny, insatiable men. Polished and sophisticated in a three-piece sky blue suit, Hector is sexy enough to make any man want to become a tutor. Nicholas barely has a chance to start their lesson before Hector starts kissing and caressing him. Instantly the tables are turned, and it?s Nicolas who becomes the willing, eager student. After that, Hector and Nicholas let their bodies do the talking. They trade blowjobs instead of vocabulary and let intense butt fucking fill in for any verb they need. Hector bends Nicholas over and gives him an ass pounding to remember before each of them blasts a hot load of cum. Found in Translation proves that the only language two men need is the sounds they make when they?re fucking!

Pietro Duarte in 'HARD TIMES'

Pietro Duarte - HARD TIMES

When a man is hard up for cash and has no options, he?s willing to do anything. Just ask Pietro Duarte. Working in Hector de Silva?s bar just isn?t paying the bills, so he decides to help himself to cash from the till. But what he doesn?t know is that Hector saw him steal the money on CCTV, and now he wants to get paid back. But he?s only accepting one form of payment?sex. Hard Times give us Hector?s hard cock?busting out of his expensive suit?shoved up Pietro?s flawless round ass. As a studly, no-nonsense business owner, Hector uses Pietro?s sweet hole all he likes, bending him against the bar, hiking up his juicy ass, and pounding him for every dollar he stole. And Pietro loves it: his moans, groans, and the splashy cum he shoots all over the bar made stealing Hector?s cash worth the punishment. Hector shoots his own explosive cum fountain all over Pietro and the bar as well. These may be hard times for our studs but they make for a horny time for you!



If you?re ever fortunate enough to come up against Russian stud Dato Foland know one thing - you can never be too sure which way it?s gonna go. His deep Russian accent would have you believe you?re gonna be feeling his hard cock pumping inside you before too long. But don?t be deceived, he loves to ride a nice thick dick too, as we?ve seen a few times here on Menatplay, so depending on how he?s feeling on the day you could get a surprise. In this encounter leather-gloved Russian mobster Dato, who, having caught Se?or de Silva in the midst of stealing sensitive data from his laptop strings him up and toys with his handsome prize. Blindfolded and hands tied above his head Hector can only guess at the outcome of this interrogation.

Hector De Silva in 'UNRIGHTEOUS: Hector Da Silva, Axel Max'

Hector De Silva - UNRIGHTEOUS: Hector Da Silva, Axel Max

The men with the most hang-ups about man-on-man sex are usually the ones who crave cock the most. It?s a fact among gay and bi men that?s practically scripture. And as Hector De Silva and Axel Max prove, a big cock and a relentless fuck are the best way to convert nonbelievers. Axel allows himself to get led into temptation when he shows up at Hector?s door hoping to proselytize him by teaching him the ways of the righteous. Yet the tables are turned once Hector kisses him passionately and whips out his thick dick. Axel, unable to resist, opens his mouth wide for Hector?s meat. Axel worships Hector?s cock like a willing disciple, making it clear to Hector that despite his beliefs, his craving for cock in his mouth and up his guts is too strong for scripture. As an expert, aggressive top, Hector is a god in his own right. He flips Axel over, pulls his pants down just enough to expose his firm butt, and gives Axel?s hole the fuck he?s been praying for before he anoints him with a shower of hot cum. Unrighteous will make you a true believer.

Hector De Silva in 'Ctrl C'

Hector De Silva - Ctrl C

Newcomer Alert! We have a new face (and cock) on the block, Sebastian Reiss and we?re so buzzed about this one. Hector de Silva, however, is not that thrilled with the new guy especially as he?s been noticing a few suspicious changes in his look since he started here at MENATPLAY headquarters - from the beard to the way he dresses. Could it be that Sebastian is on a mission to become the next Hector de Silva? It very well looks like it, but Hector is confident that the new guy is no match for him, and he?s ready to prove it?with his dick of course! Sebastian gets the first fuck of his porn career courtesy of our uber masculine Hector, who pounds him hard and fast, marking Sebastian as his own with a big load all over his suit. A total must for you suit fans out there!